The Cockfighting Ring Raid That Upended a Small Town - The Ringer

Mireya Reith, executive director of AUCC, was at the meeting and she speaks up to agree with Gentry that the Trump executive orders and the overall climate since his election makes it very difficult for law enforcement to refuse to cooperate with ICE. She said her organization recommends some steps that can help, including developing a formal system for people to file complaints against officers who are asking people their citizenship status despite the sheriff’s directive. She also suggested that the department put its policy for how it should interact with ICE into writing and distribute it to the community, and come meet with people at churches to answer their questions with translators. “What unites us is that Arkansas is fierce about local control,” Reith told me later. “We have an opportunity to not let national politics dictate to us here. We can figure out what works on the local level and scale up.”
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