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Empowering Arkansas Immigrants





Inauguration Festival!

We are officially opening our second Immigrant Resource Center in Little Rock, and you’re invited to attend our Inauguration Festival! The festival will be October 12th from 2-5 p.m., and the address is 8619 Chicot Rd, Little Rock, AR 72209.

Thank you to everyone in the community that made this possible, and we hope to see you there!

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Service and Advocacy

Founded as Arkansas first immigrant's rights organization in January 2012, Arkansas United has been organizing, advocating, identifying and facilitating services for immigrants all over  Arkansas. Our work is aimed at ensuring dignity for all Arkansans, helping our communities thrive, and allowing Arkansas to achieve its full potential by working through our two foundational pillars:  Advocacy and Services.



Become a member of AU and help us better serve immigrant families in Arkansas


Every dollar counts and your donation will go directly to serving and advocating for immigrant families in Arkansas.


Services Overview

One of our primary goals is to close the gap in services to our immigrant communities. To this end, Arkansas United provides a host of services for both our members and our immigrant community. Not only do we strive to make all community services available to our immigrant communities, but also seek to empower our members out in the community to better serve all Arkansans. Services we provide are:

Our Immigrant Resource Centers are invaluable tools we use to serve our community where they live. We currently have one IRC in operation in Springdale, and we will be opening our second IRC in Little Rock this October!

  • Family-based Legal Services

  • Adult Education


Locate an IRC Near You

Arkansas United has Immigrant Resource Centers in Springdale and Little Rock that are ready to serve you!


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Family Based Legal Services

Arkansas United has partnered with Catholic Charities Immigration Services and Communities Unlimited to offer year-round legal services and loans for immigrant naturalization and deferred action. We also offer informational presentations on: evidence gathering, legal workshops, weekly clinics, and application follow up.

AU is currently exploring opportunities to expand our legal services into other family-based immigration areas including, but not limited to: special immigrant juvenile status, TPS, U visa, VAWA, and other relief via


Adult Education

Arkansas United currently exploring options with Education Now to provide GED preparation in Spanish as Arkansas is an English only state the exam. We are also partnering with University of Arkansas professors to develop an English acquisition through the Arts program that our centers will provide. We also work to provide early education initiatives to engage immigrant families with children in K-12.

Immigration Resource Centers


At the heart of Arkansas United’s work are our Immigration Resource Centers. Initiated in 2015, there are currently two IRCs located in Springdale and Little Rock. Additionally, rural areas will be served via mobile IRCs to better serve our ever growing member committees and partners. These IRCs are the best way to connect our members to the services we offer.

Arkansas United also provides a Virtual Immigrant resource center via the AU app. The app provides member committees and partners with virtual services including bilingual legal forms and know your rights materials.This app is intended to advertise and promote the services that immigrants need.


Other Services

As our name implies, Arkansas United aims to bring together all the communities in Arkansas, and to help promote and provide services to the immigrants in those communities. We are working with several organizations to encourage immigrant outreach and offering bilingual services.

Area’s we are working towards providing services in are: Housing, Medical, Domestic Violence Assistance, Workforce Development, Business Networking and Scholarship and Higher Education opportunities for undocumented students.


Advocacy Overview

Arkansas United is dedicated to sustainable change designed to benefit all Arkansans. Through state and nation wide partnerships, individual members, and community partners our mission is to to ensure broad dissemination of the basic principles of community organizing, and the rights and laws related to immigration in Arkansas. To this end, we provide:

  • Civic Engagement

  • Immigrant representation in local, state and national coalitions.

  • Community Organization and Member Conventions
  • Advocacy of the local, state, and federal levels


Every dollar counts and your donation will go directly to serving and advocating for immigrant families in Arkansas.

become a member

Become a member of AU and help us better serve immigrant families in Arkansas 




Community Organization and Member Conventions

Community Organization

Arkansas United is building a culture of sustainable change making by engaging with our communities across Arkansas in a variety of ways. AU has laid out at three-year plan to become a membership-based organization focused on transforming individual members into communities with transparent structure and process to lead our work in communities across the state.

As of early 2018, Arkansas United has formalized member committees functioning in Northwest Arkansas, Conway, Fort Smith, Little Rock and Dardanelle. Member committees are being formed currently in De Queen, Hot Springs and Green Forest.

AU’s advocacy efforts are focused on efforts of providing in-state tuition for Dreamers, obtaining driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants and partnering with local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Member Conventions

Civic engagement is at the fore of Arkansas United’s work. We have partnered with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement to provide our members with advocacy strategy training. These lessons will then be applied at pre-state, and state conventions to help members understand what our national platform means, to affirm AU’s commitment to the platform, and to articulate the challenges to immigration reform that are unique to Arkansas.

AU will also strive to hold candidate fora with for our immigrant and communities of color so everybody’s concerns can be heard equally. Our goal is to draft sensible, compassionate legislation regarding immigration reform, and creating a strategy for action toward enacting said legislation.


Advocacy at Local, State, and Federal Levels

Arkansas United’s intersection between organizing and public policy allows us the opportunity to aggregate immigrant and multicultural interests through broad-based coalition building. We currently support state co-ordination for: iDream Arkansas, Arkansans for Human and Civil Rights, Arkansas Keeping Families Together, and the Opportunity to Grow Campaign, and will continue to partner with other organizations with like minded goals to build a larger coalition in order to broaden and strengthen our message.

Civic Engagement

Since our founding as a 501c3 in 2012, Arkansas United has been a leader on turning out the Latinx vote. We have worked hard to identify low-propensity voters, and established relationships with Black, and Asian Alliances. Our efforts culminated in the largest turnout of voters of color in the Arkansas’ Central and Little Rock District in (add date).

We understand that one of the biggest deterrents to immigrant and communities of color when it comes to voting is the lack of candidates of color. Arkansas United is dedicated to making a bipartisan effort to reach out to our community leaders of color to encourage them to seek office, and making that decision more accessible by providing needed resources to aid this end.

In February of 2018, Arkansas United partnered with over ten African-American organization to create the “New Majority Network,” with the goal of building a pipeline of civic leaders/candidates of color, and empowering them. Participants in AU’s Minority Candidate School were encouraged and supported in seeking seats on school boards and city councils throughout the state. Support activities include workshops in: running for office, working as a person of color on a political campaign, serving as a poll worker, delivering Immigration/Race Equity 101 training for non-POC candidates.


Immigration Representation in State and National Coalitions

Arkansas United aims to be the leading voice for immigration reform in the State. We will join other like minded organizations across the state and nationally to continue to seek equality of all. As we have already done with many partners across Arkansas, we will continue to strive towards our goal of strong coalition building for immigrant advocacy nationwide. Our members will be educated and well resourced in order to enable others to have a seat at the table and have their voices heard.


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