Arisbeth Johnson

If you want to serve the community, you must first reach people, not numbers.

I was born in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. My passion for learning and helping the community came from my father Dr. Wilmer Garcia Silva, a doctor and university professor. He died when I was nineteen, the same day I started my university classes to become an attorney. He is my mentor and greatest example as a human being, who struggled but was disciplined in overcoming and humility. After his death, I thought I could not finish without him guiding my education, but I overcame and became a lawyer. I continued studying and graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Social Sciences, allowing me to be a teacher in Mexico for 14 years. Constant growth has allowed me to earn various diplomas, write publications in my field, and earn the National Learning Award in 2013.

My American story began in 2014, when I decided to move here with my greatest treasure, my son Wilmer Ayala. In 2017, I got married to my second husband, forming my beautiful family that is my top priority. After some time in the NWA region, I began to search for a way to serve my community. In 2018, I was named Director of Family Engagement for the nonprofit RootED NWA. Beginning in 2019, I joined the Arkansas United team, taking up the mantle of Northwest Arkansas Legal Coordinator. For me, this is the best opportunity to make an impact on my community and serve those who have need in a professional manner. On June 6, 2019, I began working on another dream of mine: Wings (Alas), an educational organization with a community focus. Under the shadow of the Arkansas United organization, Wings gives support to parents and families through empowering talks, conferences, workshops, and connections to other organizations. Today, I am guided by God and a vision to keep helping others. A quote that has always stayed with me is, “if you want to serve the community, you must first reach people, not numbers.”