Casey Bryant

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Casey Bryant is an immigration attorney located in Memphis, TN and serves as the Legal Director for Arkansas United. Originally from Arkansas, Casey's career started in northwest Arkansas working with the immigrant community, especially Marshallese and Latinx people. From there, Casey moved to the other side of the Mississippi River to practice immigration law in Memphis, TN, but never too far from the Land of Opportunity where many of Casey's clients live. 

Casey received a Juris Doctorate from the City University of New York School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Memphis, but also studying Asian Theater for a year at the University of Hawai'i in pursuit of a Masters in Arts. This path was waylaid by a stronger pull towards defending the rights of marginalized and oppressed people, which compelled Casey to attend law school. 

With a strong passion for justice, Casey serves the immigrant community in recognition of the fact that this is the forefront of the constant fight for civil rights and is proud to work with Arkansas United to demand that the rights of all people in the United States are upheld.