Ayme Villanueva


Ayme Villanueva is from Honduras and has lived in the United States with her family since August 2010. In Honduras she is a Doctor in Pharmacy and has an equivalency Bachelor of Science with a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences and an Associate Degree in Art in the United States. Ayme has been volunteering with different organizations such as the Adult Education Program at the Jones Center and the Justice for Workers organization as well as with local churches and community leaders. Ayme is passionate about helping Hispanic adults achieve a Higher Education Degree regardless of the obstacles and lack of opportunities that kept them from finishing their education. Ayme is a strong believer that regardless of your past, age or difficulties, everything is possible through hard work and determination.

Mission: Restore self-confidence by motivating Hispanic Adults and making them aware that with effort, dedication and perseverance they can achieve their goal and obtain their General Education Degree which will open many opportunities.

Vision: Impact every student's life through the education program because everyone deserves a chance and with desire they will achieve it.